Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wed., Nov. 17, 2010 Social Studies and Homeroom Homework

Social Studies-(All 5th grade classes) Do the Ch5 L3 "The First Colonies" P168-173, do the Vocabulary P168 (1-14), read the lesson silently, and do Wk. Bk. P44 (1-6). Also, make sure you do extra research/reading about this great time in our country's history. Find out things about the Pilgrims, Pocahontas, John Rolf, John Smith, etc. When you go to the library check out books on these people and events. Remember that learning is fun and it's power!

Language Arts-(Our class) Read AR books, do Grammar Minutes3 P10 (1-10), and Evan-Moor Wk. Bk. Spelling do L1 P22 "Word Study" (1-28). 


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