Monday, October 11, 2010

Mon., Oct. 11, 2010 Social Studies and Homeroom Homework:

Happy Columbus Day to All!

Social Studies-(Mr. Calderón, Ms. Greene, Mr. Heiser, and Ms. Nieto's Homerooms)-Do the Christopher Columbus lesson from our textbook. The lesson is L1 "The Voyages of Columbus" P134-139. Do the Vocabulary P134 (1-11) and then read the lesson silently.

Social Studies-(Mr. Calderón's 4th Grade Homeroom)-Do the lesson, "Christopher Columbus" from edHelper (1-7).

Language Arts-(4th&5th grades Mr. Calderón's Homeroom) Read your AR books, Sponge activity folders, and write the Spelling words of the week 5 times each and the sentences 3 times each. Study the words and sentences.

4th&5th graders make sure you go to sleep early tonight and eat a good breakfast. Tomorrow all 4th&5th graders are going to take TAKS Benchmark tests all day. 4th graders are going to take a Writing TAKS Benchmark and 5th graders are going to take a Science TAKS Benchmark. Good luck!


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