Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mon., Oct. 25, 2010 Social Studies and Homeroom Homework:

Social Studies-(All 5th Grade classes except, Mr. Calderón's) According to what Early People group you're in; Mound Builders, Anasazi, or Inuit, do research on that group.  Write 20 details/facts about your Early People group that you were assigned to and be ready to share your information with your classmates/group tomorrow.

Language Arts-( 4th &5th grades) Read AR library books, Sponge Activity folders, correct the Sentence Dictation and Spelling Word Tests from last week, Week 9. If you need to have them signed by your parents, make sure you do, write the Spelling words 5 times each and the sentences 3 times each. Do the TAKS practice story, "The Code Talkers" P14-17 (1-12). 


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