Friday, October 15, 2010

Mr. Calderón's Classes Reading and Unfamiliar Word Strategies 2010-11


Any Reading strategies that you have been taught, if they help you to have better comprehension of what you're reading, use them. These are two strategies we recommend for our students in our classes to use:

Reading Comprehension Strategies:

  • First, read the story carefully once.
  • Second, read each question from the story, also very carefully as you’re answering all the questions.
  • Third, find the answers to the questions in the story and underline or highlight the answers.
  • Fourth, write the number of the question by the paragraph in which the answer was found and then write the number of the paragraph of where the answer was found by the question.

  • Fifth, if the answer to a question is not found in any particular paragraph, but is implied in the entire story, write the number of the question by the title.
  • Sixth, always proof read all your work!

Unfamiliar Words Strategies

  • First, when you come upon an unfamiliar word in your reading/work use the skill using the context; look at the words before and after the unfamiliar word to try and figure out its meaning.

  • Second, if you still can’t figure out the meaning of the unfamiliar word, use a dictionary to try and figure out its meaning.

  • Third, if you still are unsuccessful to figure out the meaning use the Internet; go to your favorite search engine, like Google, and type the unfamiliar word.

  • Fourth, if for some reason that you still haven’t found the meaning to the unfamiliar word, ask your teacher for assistance to figure out its meaning.


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